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The Play Card- The Taby
The Play Card- The Taby
The Play Card- The Taby
The Play Card- The Taby

The Play Card- The Taby

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Ahh… they’re finally mobile. You’ve made an emergency trip to the baby store for door latches and suddenly everything in your house is fair game. You spend most of your time exclaiming ‘WHAT’S IN YOUR MOUTH??’ and panicking that you never disposed of the cockroach poison you bought 12 years ago. While the ‘newly mobile’ stage is an exciting one, it’s definitely exhausting!

Keep them away from the knife drawer while encouraging their minds to grow with the ‘TABY’ deck. Each play idea/activity engages active little ones in new and challenging ways, while helping to develop concentration, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills, and cognitive skills.


This deck includes:
• 24 inspired play cards
• 1 instruction card
• A sliding draw box with easy-to-pull ribbon

Like all our cards, on the back you will find:
• Teacher talk: a quick list of developmental areas the activity focuses on
• Switch it up: ways to change the activity based on different needs
• Hot tips: little tricks to make it a success (think clean up ideas, safety advice, alternative resources to use)



You may notice we don't have age ratings on our cards.

That is because we believe in celebrating a child's stage over their age!

We know that regardless of age, they have worked hard to get where they are and so have you as their number 1 cheerleader.

Choose your PLAY CARD™ collection based on what your child can do!

Want a thorough break down?

Check out the 'HOW TO USE PLAY CARDS' page and scroll down to the 'WHICH DECK IS FOR US' section.


Using PLAY CARDS™ is as simple as, picking a card, collecting a few household items and getting playful!

The Play Card- The Taby
The Play Card- The Taby
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