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The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger

The Kimba baby lounger

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Why you need the Kimba Lounger? The Kimba baby Lounger is a unique lounging pad designed to hug your baby's full body. This snuggling sensation is highly effective at calming and comforting your baby when you need extra support.

We are in love with the idea and quality of organic made baby items. Made with GOTS certified organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics. Filled with polyester fiber fill for a fully machine washable lounger.

The best thing about this lounger is the covers are removable, so if you have any accidents you can simply remove the cover, replace it with another spare cover while the other is dirty and keep using the lounger.

The Kimba Lounger is a huge support tool for parents and provides an extra set of arms during the day when parents need to lay their baby down. Our customers call The Kimba Lounger their saving grace and this is so true

Please note: The centre of the lounger does not contain padding, this is to ensure the sides are higher to allow the cocoon affect. The cover is also slightly bigger as it is Jesery cotton and may shrink. Our loungers do not come in a box. The cotton cover also is tighter once a baby is laid in the lounger. Every effort is made to depict colours accurately, however computer monitors do vary. Please consider this when placing your order.

By purchasing from our website you agree to this whole description 


✨ Covers can be removed and washed from the pod

✨ lounger Material: 100% Organic Cotton

✨ Stuffing in side lounger : PP Cotton

✨ Cover: Cotton

✨ Colour: Various

✨ 0-9 Months 

✨ Extra covers also sold separately

✨ Size: Roughly 75 cm x 42 (please note there maybe some variants due to stuffing)

  • Suitable for babies up to 9 months who are not yet crawling.

  • The Kimba baby lounger is uniquely designed to contour to baby's head and torso. At first, they WILL be able to fit all the way into the center-sling, but as they grow, they will fill out the center-sling, and their legs will begin to drape over the bottom end of the lounger. 



1 x Kimba baby lounger

1 x FREE Kimba baby lounger cover



use The Kimba Lounger to actively engage with your baby during supervised lounging, tummy time or sitting support. 

It is important to be in the same room and supervising your baby when using The Kimba Lounger. During the night, use safe crib practices and DO NOT USE your Kimba Lounger as a sleeping device. 

Please note we do not recommend co-sleeping with our lounge. Please make sure to practice safe sleeping guidelines. Read more here.

This is a baby product and with all things baby, use with caution and trust your instincts. Common sense and intuition are something we encourage strongly. If it doesn’t feel safe it probably isn’t.

  • Never leave your baby unattended or under a child's supervision
  • Healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back, to reduce the risk of SIDS
  • Bub’s head should always be placed towards the top of the baby nest, away from the ropes
  • Do not put pillows in the baby nest
  • When the nest is open, make sure the ropes are pulled in entirely
  • When the baby nest is pulled in to a tighter position, make sure the ropes are tied securely
  • Place the baby nest on a flat hard surface and don’t place it on anything it could fall from
  • Don’t place close to a fire
  • Don’t use the baby nest as a toy

Do you recommend a cover?

  • Even though you can use the Kimba lounger without a cover, it is very convenient to have a cover on hand.
  • Washing a cover is significantly easier than washing the entire lounger. Having a cover reduces the amount of wear and number of times the lounger will need to be washed.

Care instructions:

  • Wash your lounger sparingly with cold water, mild detergent and with a gentle agitation. If using a dryer, use a cool temperature setting or air dry.

  • Make sure to dry your lounger COMPLETELY before using again. To reduce washing, we recommend using the removable covers. 

please choose carefully as the Kimba baby lounger can not be exchanged or returned due to health and safety regulations linking to hygiene 

please note this item comes in a vacuum sealed bag, once opened it expands to its correct shape 

all colours may vary as they appear different on devices.

The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
The Kimba baby lounger
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