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The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest

The Baylee Portable Nest

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The Baylee portable Nest, is a MUST have for any parents, due to its ability to be Folded and easily portable. You can also use this nest anywhere, during play time, feed time, bath time and changing nappy! 

The portable baby nest is made with 100% Cotton and is suitable for all babies as it is designed to grow with the baby meaning the bottom ribbon can be undone or tied up to reflect the size and age of your baby at the current stage. Once the baby grows you can simply loosen the ribbon to increase the size of the nest.

All covers can be removed to be washed! 

This is a perfect gift for any new mum! 

Every effort is made to depict colours accurately, however computer monitors do vary. Please consider this when placing your order.


  • Size: 50 cm x 85 cm
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • 0 months- 3 years (for most cases)
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Can place a washable cover on or remove the current cover to be washed 



1 x Baylee Portable Nest

1 x FREE portable bed cover 


NEVER use any baby bed unsupervised. The Baylee portable bed is designed for babies 0-3 years, use The Baylee portable bed to actively engage with your baby during supervised lounging, tummy time or sitting support. 

The Baylee Portable bed  is a huge support tool for parents and provides an extra set of arms during the day when parents need to lay their baby down. It is important to be in the same room and supervising your baby when using The Baylee portable bed. During the night, use safe crib practices and DO NOT USE your Baylee portable bed as a sleeping device. 

The Baylee portable Nest Warnings: 

  • Never leave baby unsupervised
  • Never use in a crib or other sleep device
  • Never place on uneven surfaces
  • The Baylee should not be used as co sleeping devices due to the padded sides
  • The safest place for a baby to sleep overnight is in a crib with a fitted sheet

please choose carefully as the Baby portable bed can not be exchanged or returned due to health and safety reasons linking to hygiene 


This is a baby product and with all things baby, use with caution and trust your instincts. Common sense and intuition are something we encourage strongly. If it doesn’t feel safe it probably isn’t. 

  • Never leave your baby unattended or under a child's supervision.
  • Healthy babies should always be put to sleep on their back, to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Bub’s head should always be placed towards the top of the baby nest, away from the ropes. 
  • Do not put pillows in the baby nest.
  • When the nest is open, make sure the ropes are pulled in entirely.
  • When the baby nest is pulled in to a tighter position, make sure the ropes are tied securely.
  • Place the baby nest on a flat hard surface and don’t place it on anything it could fall from.
  • Don’t place close to fire.
  • Don’t use the baby nest as a toy.  
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
The Baylee Portable Nest
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